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We Sell, Service and Rent Genuine Hammond Organs, Leslie Speakers and Leslie Amplifiers to the public.

Call Bob Roppolo at 1(623)977-5659 or email us at organone@cox.net

A genuine Hammond organ B3, C3 or A100 can provide the inspiration, confidence, and versatility for every organist.
We also sell  Hammond Organ X66’s with a Tone Cabinet or separately . If you already have an X66 and just need a Tone Cabinet, no problem we sell those separately as well.
IF you need to replace keys or other organ parts please call or email us for information.
These Hammond organs are in great condition and just waiting for a new home or church.

Free Delivery within 75 miles!

Models of Hammond Organs for Sale

IF you already  have a Hammond Organ and are having a problem with it  please email us and we will get right back to you. We have Hammond benches, pedal boards, tabs, keys and other  organ parts for sale. Also ,if  needed, we’re able to rebuild your Hammond Amplifiers and Pre-amps. Just email Bob Roppolo at organone@cox.net for more information.

Renting a Hammond Organ is a great way to Energize your Church Convention and Seminars.  Also if you should need an Organ for recording give us a call so we can discuss arrangements.

The Hammond Organ sounds great in Churches and Homes because of the amazing Leslie Speaker.

We’re located in beautiful Sun City, Arizona and will be happy to help you find the Hammond Organ you always wanted. Call  1(623)977-5659 or email  us at organone@cox.net  24/7.

Free Delivery within 75 miles!

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